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ROCNO Quality Policy

Scientific management, careful manufacturing, quality service, creating the future

1.Quality Assurance
    Company to manufacture high-quality FPC responsibility, the completion of the ISO9001: 2000 quality assurance system certification, based on active "process to create quality between the" activities, the next flow of complaints on the process quality problems. Through the quality of target decomposition for duty, staff skills training, the establishment of special events such as the quality of ideas.

2.Quality Control
Processes to create quality products manufactured in the manufacturing process of the operator classes, according to the requirements of quality and inspection standards, the implementation of product-line detection, timely grasp the product quality status. The operator is the operator who is tested. 
3.Quality Supervision
   In the product manufacturing process, quality control IPQC to tour
the whole examination process in order to grasp the status of various processes, product quality. Processing procedures for projects with a focus, quality controls were introduced on a regular basis of precision measurement and the use of statistical plans to manage it.

Quality Control Department of the Ministry of IQC staff on the production of FPC production based on "product testing standard to" do the whole inspection, in order to grasp the quality of the factory fully FPC qualified.

4.Quality Complaints.
   Receiving customer complaints within 24 hours after recovery, according to the actual situation come to their homes to solve quality problems. Upon completion of these issues back into the company to conduct a review and records.

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