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ROCNO business areas:

The face of rapid global technology boom so that the whole electronics industry can not move forward at a fast pace, so that the use of more flexible product line widely.

Soft boards for:
1.Capacitive screen (Mobile, PC)
2. Computer and peripheral products (notebook computers, connectors, hard drives, optical drives, wireless cards, cameras)
3. Liquid crystal display (TFT, LCD, STN LCD, FSTN, OLED, CSTN, etc.)
4. Consumer electronics (digital cameras, MP5, cameras, video cameras, CD, etc.)
5. The commonly used products (mobile phones, walkie-talkies, fax machines, Bluetooth, etc.).
6. Equipment (medical equipment, projectors, scanners, etc.).
7. Car (dashboard, car DVD, vehicle movement, car audio, function control, antenna, etc.).
8. Industries (military, aviation, etc.)

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