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One world, One family.

ROCNO contribute to the world, and contribute to society. We are in harmony with the Earth's total length, ROCNO environmental issues as an important business issue, in order to carry out positive and the activities of a preventive nature, ROCNO to carry out full participation of everyone loving family environmental action, we need not only in the business of production to carry out environmental protection activities, but also to every employee at all times maintain a high degree of awareness and responsible action. At present, our activities are further developed, and now we are building a global environmental system, to provide refined products, as well as lower environmental impact and efforts to open up.

ROCNO with the society to sustainable development of our environmental protection, social welfare, disaster relief, in order to make its own contribution to the region, in order to achieve common prosperity and harmonious society, we are actively involved in business activities for the community to do their best to go a step forward .

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